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WIP.gifYou may hear some construction noise in the background...

Experimental !


A project initiated by LisaM, inspired by ESPEasy but a total rebuild from scratch, developed using microPython.

Currently running on STM and ESP32 platforms

uPyEasy has the following requirements (Last updated: 14*01*2018 ):

  • Written in Python
  • Multiple platforms (basically all platforms supported by micropython, basic testing/development done on Linux/PyBoard/NodeMCU/ESP*01)
  • Async webserver
  • Template based webpages (attached the homepage as example)
  • Lan/WLan transparancy
  • Support for GPIO, I2C, SPI, UART, I2S and CAN interface protocol
  • SSL support (server and client)
  • Minimalistic HAL
  • Maximum reuse of libraries
  • Rules in python (unleashing really powerfull rules!)
  • Override in plugins (custom plugins overrule standard plugins)
  • Plugin drag 'n drop (limited in smaller soc's due to memory constraints)
  • Support of ANY library that is supported in micropython
  • Support of viper speed
  • Dynamic support of SD card
  • Support of psRam
  • Use of FileDB to store config and other values
  • Bootloader supporting OTA firmware updates (Yaota8266, 247KB), meaning 1MB esp's will have 750KB free at most when using OTA.
  • i18n support

Supporting documents can be found here: https://github.com/letscontrolit/uPyEasy/tree/master/docs