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Welcome to the Let's control it Wiki pages. This is the place to find more information on our projects, either stable or experimental.

The Lets Control It Team

It's somewhat difficult to use the term "Team" here because we do not have an official team. Lets Control It is a platform for IOT DIY developers and users to share code, firmware, hardware and ideas and also provide support.

People sometimes mention "one of the devs" in their posts. Curious whom they could be?

Just listing some of our currently active virtual team members here, in alphabetical order as known by their forum or github names:

  • Grovkillen - ESPEasy forum support and Wiki maintenance, tools development
  • John - RFLink hardware development, former Nodo team member
  • LisaM - uPyEasy lead development and forum support
  • Martinus - Founder of initial ESPEasy development, former Nodo team member
  • Psy0rz - ESPEasy lead development
  • Remco - Platform sponsor, Nodo Webshop owner, former Nodo team member
  • S0170071 - ESPEasy development
  • Shardan - ESPEasy Wiki maintenance and forum support
  • Soif - ESPEasy development
  • Stuntteam - RFLink Gateway development and forum support
  • TD-er - ESPEasy lead development
  • Toffel969 - ESPEasy Wiki maintenance and forum support
  • Uzi18 - ESPEasy development

With a virtual team like this it's always difficult to have a list that justifies each and everyone's contribution. Just send a PM to one of the devs if you're feeling left out...

Active Stable Projects

ESPEasy for ESP8266 / ESP8285 / ESP32

RpiEasy Easy Multi sensor device based on Raspberry Pi.


Experimental Projects

uPyEasy (microPython development, based on ESPEasy concept)

User Projects

We have asked our members to add their own personal "LetsControlIt" DIY projects to our wiki for fun and inspiration...


Archived Projects

Projects that may still be in use at some places, but have no active development