Two MAX6675 Probes for a BBQ-smoker?

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Two MAX6675 Probes for a BBQ-smoker?

#1 Post by Trunald » 03 Apr 2020, 17:58

Hi all,

I am trying to make a temperature sensoring system for my electric smoker, so that I could connect that to my Domoticz system. I succeeded installing the newest MEGA firmware on my NodeMCU ESP8266 development board, and wired the MAX6675 to the board based on some instructions I found with regard to some plugin for an earlier version, and I lucked out, I started receiving the temperature information on the ESP Easy (yes, I am a bit novice and thus I feel lucky getting something to work unless there are specific instructions for that exact application, and that's when I only feel gratitude towards the person who created the instructions for dummies like me).

Anyways. now that I have one MAX6675 connected to the ESP8266, I would like to connect another one, so that I could monitor both the ambient temperature and the meat temperature in my smoker. I would appreciate it a lot if someone could point me towards where I could find information on how to wire and configure a second sensor?

...would I be hoping for too much, if I hoped I could add also an OLED screen like this: ... h_ESP_Easy to show the temperature of both sensors?


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