ProMiniExtender API doc?

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ProMiniExtender API doc?

#1 Post by uxhamby » 26 Feb 2024, 20:39


Suppose I wanted to use the ProMiniExtender directly from a Raspberry Pi, via its GPIO I2C interface.

Is there an API document available somewhere, that details how to talk to it?


Brian H.

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Re: ProMiniExtender API doc?

#2 Post by Ath » 26 Feb 2024, 21:50

Couldn't find any documentation online, but the protocol is rather simple, as it can either turn a pin on or off (command value 1), or output a PWM signal at it (command value 3), followed by a pin number (1 byte) and the low byte and high byte of the value to set (PWM is probably the duty cycle, that's only documented in the rather outdated wiki)
Technical guidance can be obtained from the ESPEasy sources for that plugin (essential parts).
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