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ESP EASY FLASHER USB oprt numbering

Posted: 15 May 2020, 09:46
by pouilld
Under Windows10 64bits, I tried to flash MEGA firmware on WEMOS D1 modules using ESP.Easy.flasher.exe program.
Unfortunately, when the program (with administrator rights) list the existing USB COM ports found in the system, the displayed COM port number is different of the one assigned by windows to the USB connected device. Accordingly, it is not possible to flash the firmware (cannot open USB port) as ESP.Easy.Flasher try to use ""its" port number instead of the Windows assigned one.

Hopefully, it is possible to fix the problem by changing the Windows assigner port number to the one listed by ESP.Easy.Flasher, using the advanced parameter of the corresponding COM port using the Windows device manager.

I hope this will help those facing the same problem.