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Put led on on MCP23017?

Posted: 10 Apr 2020, 18:38
by pascalbianca
Hello everyone,

My name is Pascal and i'm new to this forum and esp.
I hope i'm in the right section with my question , so not i'm sorry.

I haven a lcd screen on the i2c bus of my esp8266 with firmware.: ESP_Easy_mega-20200328_normal_ESP8266_4M1M
Also i have on the i2c bus a mcp23017.
I did search for days to find the new command for that firmware but found it on ... mmand.html

Know i want to try test if i get a led on , on my mcp23017 but witch command must i use to try that in the command line in menu tools or with a other code.

Can somebody maybe help me with that?



Solved by myself, u can use mcpgpio, port,0 or 1