Statut Last State on boot (Sonoff basic r2)

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Statut Last State on boot (Sonoff basic r2)

#1 Post by faco » 05 Jan 2021, 00:02

Hello, I just flashed a sonoff basic r2 with EspEasy. (All timer, led, boot, etc. settings are ok).

I use it to open and close my garage.

My problem is that when there is a power cut or a reboot for example, I can only choose on or off during the boot (which is a problem because I do not want ON so that it does not opens without my authorization risk of theft. And I also do not want OFF so that it closes without my authorization so as not to crush the vehicles that can see below).

In the Eweelink application there is the last state option. Sorry for the translation I am French.

Thanks for your help I'm new to Jeedom and EspEasy. :D

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