is there an easy way of getting data from domoticz

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is there an easy way of getting data from domoticz

#1 Post by GravityRZ » 15 Apr 2020, 13:32

on bootup of the esp i would like to receive a value from domoticz.

at the moment i do this by letting the esp trigger a switch in domoticz,(sendtohttp)
which triggers a dzvents script
which sends out the value over MQTT
which is received by the ESP using MQTT import.

this works great but it has alot of dependencies on both sides.

i rather have something like a mqtt or http question which replies/answers to that question so i can orchestrate from a single point.

did some searching and i think i am talking about the new MQTT 5.xx version.

anynody know when this is gloing to be implemented.

coming from Openhab which was working with V1 and lately V2 i soubt things are going fast.

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