BFT remotes recognised as Keeloq

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BFT remotes recognised as Keeloq

#1 Post by relaj » 03 Aug 2021, 16:31


I bought Rflink board from nodo-shop because Rflink supported devices included BFT gate remotes - I wanted to connect it to Domoticz and have possibility to open gate from my phone automatically when approaching by car... Unfortunately, it turns out that at least my version of BFT remote is recognised by Rflink as Keeloq. Keeloq devices in turn are supported only for read operations. As a result, I can not actually achieve the goal I had when purchasing the board.

Seeing quite a few threads in the forum about BFT support, it would be nice if dev team would put a disclaimer for BFT users that hey might actually turn out to be Keeloqs and no write operations will be possible...

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Re: BFT remotes recognised as Keeloq

#2 Post by Stuntteam » 03 Aug 2021, 17:21

Updated the website. The BFT rolling code models are not supported.
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